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Unable to Register Kindle Account with iPad

Under normal circumstances, it is easy to register Kindle Account with the iPad. You can simply download the Kindle application from the supported app store, type in your Amazon login credentials and click on the ‘Register’ option. But, there are some situations in which you may not able to register the iPad with Kindle. Fortunately, most of them are completely repairable.

Wrong Login

Sometimes, the wrong login details also create trouble in registering the Kindle with the iPad. So, make sure that you have entered the correct Amazon username and password. It is easy to hit the wrong character accidentally. You have to use your Amazon account connected to your Kindle to link the iPad.

Previous Application Errors

If you got an iPad in which the Kindle application was installed, or if you have deleted the Kindle app old version without registering it from your device, then iPad may not able to get connected. This error displays a message that ‘ the device has already been registered to another user’. To troubleshoot this problem you will need to contact the help team and send them a copy of uniquely identified of your iPad. Connect the device to a computer using the USB cable. Open the iTunes and choose the iPad from Sidebar. Click on the serial number to check your UDID, copy that ID and send it to the help team.

Too Many Devices

The user is limited to how many devices can access the books of their Kindle account. If the limitation is not there, anybody can link their device and access the content. Most of the books can be accessed for six devices. In case, you already have six devices linked to your iPad, you will not able to complete the Kindle App registration and as a solution, you need to de-register the device.

iOS Compatibility

The Kindle application can be accessed only on iOS devices running on the 3.0 version or later. So, make sure that you are using the supported iOS version to use your Kindle application as the downgraded version will not work.

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